2019 Tennessee Teen Harvest Rally

C T Townsend

Raised in the mountains of Charleston, WV, CT grew up in the home of a pastor. After graduating high school from Fair Haven Christian School, he attended Pensacola Christian College for 1 year. After returning home, CT enrolled West Virginia State University and began chasing a business degree.

At the age of 21, God changed all CT’s plans and called him to be a gospel preacher! Just a few months later, following God’s will, he moved to North Augusta, SC and enrolled in Victory Baptist College, worked on staff as an assistant to the pastor, and earned his bachelors degree in Pastoral Theology. It was while he was attending Victory that he fell in love and married Mrs. Becky. With the blessing of pastor, Dr. R. Larry Brown, Victory was the launching pad of their evangelistic ministry.

In 2012, CT had the privilege to work under the leadership of Dr. Ralph Sexton Jr. at Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, NC as an assistant pastor. It was here under the ministry of Dr. Sexton that God began to implant deeper the burden for evangelism and revival.

CT and Becky and their three children, Tucker, Syler and Everlee, now live in Anderson, SC and are members of Temple Baptist Church, where Becky’s father, Dr. Steve Hurte, is the pastor.